Thursday, September 29, 2011

RSS and Google Reader

Thanks to this week's topic in IST611, I've rediscovered my Google Reader account where I had subscribed to a number of sites, including Archaeology Magazine and Library Journal News.  I can't pinpoint exactly why I stopped using it, since the sites I chose to subscribe to all hold an interest for me, but I've never been one for staying on top of the latest news either.

That being said, I find the RSS technology to be extremely useful and believe that it should be taught/shown to students as an option for them to choose from if nothing else.  Students should be made aware of what RSS is and does and what it can do for them.  I don't remember where I read it, but the scenario of a girl working on a team science project comes to mind, where she is doing research on the computer and "oh, this looks like a good site; I will save it and click on the RSS to get instant updates for me and my project members."  So, being instantly updated with information is just one example of its usefulness.  Also, I enjoy having all of the websites/information from those websites that you would normally look at (and that are usually updated) right in front of you to view and then click on if you would like to go to the site for more information.

I'm curious to know, if this is not your first time using RSS feeds, how did you come about using them and why?  What are some of your favorite sites to subscribe to?


  1. First time RSS user - BUT needed to comment because I LOVE the title of your blog. very creative!

  2. I especially love your idea about using the RSS feed to keep track of updates for a project- very creative! Since I am new to RSS, I am still trying to discover all the different ways I can use it. I know there is a whole world at my fingertips for as soon as I can figure out how to access it! Thanks for the idea!

  3. Hello Amanda,
    I like your blog. It is informative and attractive. I am very new to RSS feeds. Or actually I am new to how they work. I believe I have been using a little of them in my different pages and information that gets funneled to me over the years.
    What I find so attractive is the flexibility of contacts. You can set a RSS feed for just one class or open it up to the public.
    Have you tried Google Reader? I am learning all about it and finding it an interesting way to keep up with different issues?

    What is your favorite blog site? This one?

    Thanks for your message!

  4. Hi Jillian
    I am feeling the same way. Part of me is trying to get around and use it (and I am not a computer newbie at all). Sometimes I miss just one button, like a comment button or a "change your setting" button. Then I am looking around and trying to find it for an hour!

    Anyway, I can see myself setting up a librarian blog in school for each teacher so that they can get just a short notice of what the library is doing or can do, kind of like a Twitter feed. Also teachers can comment on things they want or need the librarian to help with on a unit.
    Students in a certain class can comment or ask questions on the class RSS feed.

    What do you think?

  5. Erin, you have put together a very attractive site here. Glad to know that you are "rediscovering" Google Reader and the benefits of RSS.

  6. In my previous comment, I meant to say Amanda, not Erin. Sorry about that. Same comment though :-)

  7. Sorry I haven't been very active the past few days, but I have a reason for that, which I'll be "blogging" about in a minute (I suppose I could also "tweet" about it too).

    Anyway, thank you for all the feedback on my blog - I appreciate it!

    @Jacquie - This is the first blog 'site' I have tried, and I am enjoying it thus far. It seemed to be the most popular among the group, which is probably why I first checked it out, but it was extremely easy to set up and has been really easy to use. Also, I've been accumulating "Google" accounts (like Google Reader), so it makes it convenient.